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Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), People with Functional Limitations (PFLs), and the Elderly, face daily challenges and barriers in different sectors, especially the ICT field, which result in their exclusion accessing and using digital technologies. This program is part of the Mada ICT accessibility and Inclusive Design specialization which is composed of three programs through which you will make a sense of Accessibility and Inclusive Design, and you will acquire the ICT accessibility skills needed to apply, and review, and evaluate the accessibility of digital platforms in compliance with International ICT Accessibility standards and best practices.

By taking this first program of Mada specialization, you will understand and learn foundations in ICT Accessibility and Inclusive Design. You will learn the broad scope of disability, accessibility and related legal landscape, and you will explore the key principles guiding Universal Design and Accessible content creation. You will learn how PWDs use different Assistive Technologies and adaptive strategies. By the end of the program, you will be able to develop, evaluate, and remediate Accessible Digital Materials, and you will be prepared for the next Mada specialization courses and further study in ICT Accessibility.